Calf muscle pain


Calf muscles support the whole weight of body and are responsible for all the movements of the body including jumping, riding and going up stairs. These important muscles are very sensitive to damage. They experience lot of pain and aches in daily strenuous walking. Calf muscle pain may be caused due to lot of reasons: physical or mental or both.


Cramping of muscles is one of the reasons. It usually occurs at night or when someone goes on his tip toes or tenses them. The excessive exertion causes contraction resulting in cramps.

Muscles get fatigued. The best remedy is to get up from bed, move here and there and flex legs. In case of pain while walking, make cool down so that muscle may recover the fatigue.

Take plenty of water before, during and after the exercise and maintain sodium and potassium levels of body by supplementing additional drinks/ food in routine.

Injury caused to calf muscles due to bruising of it via trauma or pulling it, may also cause pain in it. Pulling generally occurs when it is suddenly indulged in large movements without warming.

This overstretching of muscle may cause muscle fibers to rip ultimately resulting in pain, swelling, lack of muscle strength, mobility and bruising. Keep swelled leg above heart level and cool down till you feel comfortable.

In Deep Vein Thrombosis, the body is unable to pump the blood effectively causing pool in calves. This results in calf muscle pain along with more visible veins in the area. This can be reduced by making the heart stronger to pump effectively, correcting the blood pressure, losing weight or not standing for long time on foot.

Calf muscle is attached to heel by Achilles tendon. So if Achilles gets injured, the pain is experienced by the calf muscle also. Physiotherapist provides the right solution to this problem.

When blocked blood in calf is not able to freely flow around the veins, the calf causes discomfort in calves resulting in blood clots. People with injury recovering stage, having high blood pressure and cholesterol may experience severe pain under such circumstances.

Tiny micro tears, spasms around the torn muscles, are caused in muscles while abruptly changing the direction of running or during accelerations. This causes calf muscle pain but it subsides in due course of two weeks. Partial tearing of muscle fibers requires 5 to 8 weeks to recover.

Complete tearing or rupture of muscle fibers need surgery in recovery and it takes 3 to 4 months in complete cure. Care should be taken not to re-injure it by doing strenuous exercises before it heels completely. Sometimes additional intake of protein is required in body to reconstruct the muscles.

Plantar-is muscle which is not found in all humans also gets damaged. It is a very thin muscle running across the gastronomic muscle and is very susceptible to rupture because of its extremely small size. It gives snapping pain in back of the calf at the time of rupture. It does not help in movement of the body, therefore not treated.

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