Calf pain when walking


Calf pain when walking is indicative of deteriorations in calf muscles which lie in the lower back portion of the legs. Calves become hard rock even in a 15 minute walk but do not show signs of redness or swelling in general. In some cases bruising and swelling is also visible. Calf muscles consist of three muscles, one soleus and two gastrocnemius muscles. Strain or injury in gastrocnemius muscles is termed calf muscle

A number of causes have been observed for cramps in pain. Over exercising or over walking is one of the reasons. Overstretching of the muscle causes strain in it. This strain is just like an injury. This straining and any injury from back of the knee to ankle may cause calf pain in legs.

Spasms, sudden calf pain while walking may be caused because of cramping of muscles in leg. Over straining of muscles may result in injury to muscles. In this cramping, the affected person experiences sudden involuntary contraction of the muscles resulting in formation of knots. This condition occurs while sleeping or starting the walk just after rigorous exercises.

Excessive pedaling, running, walking or exercising is an enemy of these muscles and often results in cramping. Walking after a long time may also cause cramping. Loss of electrolytes in rigorous activities and loss of water especially on dry hot environment may be quite harmful and ultimately resulting in cramping of calf muscles. Low levels of sodium and potassium may result in cramping. Well balanced diet supported by sports drink for sportsmen must be supplemented in food.

Poor blood circulation in lower part of the leg due to tightening of socks may be one of the reasons for pain. Apart from tightening of socks, there are certain other mental and physical reasons of poor blood circulation. Cold feet patients and persons, mostly women and children living in cold places also experience this problem.

Mental problems like anxiety and tension and physical problems like diabetes, peripheral artery disease, kidney, thyroid or liver problems, varicose veins, high cholesterol, Raynaud’s disease and high blood pressure are the main causes of poor blood circulation in lower limbs of the leg.

To check dehydration of the body so that no cramping of calves may occur due to this reason, it is advised to take extra glasses of water apart from regular six each day. Make it a habit to drink water before, during and after walk or exercise. Don’t wait for thirsty condition but drink additional water.

In brisk walking, if your foot rolls too many times, it places a lot of stress on calf muscles and Achilles tendon. This condition is known as pronation. Tight calf muscles and weak shins may lead to calf pains. Additional pressure on shin bones is experienced while walking on hard surface or with uncomfortable footwear. This condition places a lot of stress on calf muscle.

Consult your health care professional in case of persistence of problem though it disappears of its own in mild cases.

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