Charlie horse in leg


Often at times, people get a sharp, shooting pain in their legs, which subsequently reduce by rubbing on the spot; the pain is actually in the muscle. As the pain reduces, it comes down to the level of an ache from a throbbing pain. Further, after a few hours, people would notice that the area would be stiff and achy. This condition is what is commonly known as Charlie horse in leg.


While people can definitely get Charley horses in other parts of their body like foot’s arch or in their thighs, but they usually occur in the area around the calf muscles. When people get a Charley Horse, what basically happens is that their muscles tighten up, which is exactly why the pain is pretty sharp and the muscles feel like they are knotted up.


For instant relief, people should start massaging the area in which they are experiencing the throbbing pain or start to stretch that area. In case people want to massage that area they should knead with the muscles. In other words, if people want to bring relief in their calf area due to Charlie horse in leg, they should start massaging the area by kneading the muscles present behind their knee and in the downward direction rather than moving across.

There are times when people experience Charlie horse in the middle of an exercise routine because of too much strain. To avoid this, people should do more of stretching exercises before they start with their exercise routine. A good way to stretch is to stand on the leg in which people are not experiencing any pain and then try to grab the ankle of the leg with Charlie horse.

Gradually, they should try to raise the leg from their behind towards their buttocks. They should hold on to this position if they can for no more than fifteen seconds. This will not only stretch the muscles but will also provide ample relief from Charlie horse in leg. Coming to the causes that lead to Charley horse, there can be quite a handful, however sore muscles are a leading factor.

Often, people also experience it due to the deficiency of a vitamin or mineral. Some people who have had hormonal imbalances in their body also experience this pain.

Further, one may experience Charlie horse in leg due to what is known as calcification in the bones, which leads to the blood getting trapped in the muscles and consequently getting hardened. In case people experience this type of pain regularly, they can subsequently reduce its occurrence and get ample relief by including a few nutrients in their diet.

For starters, women during their menopausal phase often experience Charlie horse, which indicates its relation to problems in circulation. Thus, Vitamin E would be of great help to women going through their menopause.

However, they shouldn’t take Vitamin E supplements for more than two weeks. Magnesium is yet another nutrient that can reduce the occurrence of this pain. Magnesium is present in huge quantities in foods like tofu, fish, bran and rice. Also, drinking enough water is necessary to keep the Charlie horse in leg at bay.

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